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Living Book Timelines - history timelines for Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschoolers

Welcome back to Living Book Timelines.

Timeline Cards and Posters that help you teach history in a visual and dynamic way!

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Watch this short video to see how the timeline posters and cards work, then view our range below.


As a way to visualize history and put it in context, the Living Book Timeline is suitable for children of all ages.  The cards can be used for games and activities other than on the Timeline. The pictures are realistic and a lot of thought has obviously gone into the setup. As a homeschooler of 6 kids and having tried a few different ways of recording history visually I am very impressed with this resource which will be a great addition to our home.

Sarah Theakston

 I’m a little more excited to get started with school than the kids are! .... I think this is going to help my twins who are much more visual and auditory learners. I am very happy with my purchase and think it’s a quality product - very reasonably priced. Mostly I love that the legwork has been done for me so we can just pick up our book, read, and paste the card. 

Lesley Letson

Living Book Timelines has made the biggest difference to our history lessons. We have always read and narrated living books, but I could never shake off the feeling that somehow it was not ‘living’. This year my 7 year old joined my 10 year old, and it all went downhill. There were lots sighs and non-engagement during the readings, and hurried one sentence narrations. Even I came to dread it, because I could never remember the names of the kings or what numbers they were!

The timeline cards for 'Our Island Story" have been a tremendous help, I had always planned to print out the pictures but never did, We did a lesson on the War of the Roses, and the Timeline Cards really engaged my boys, especially as each picture had a red or white rose depicting which side they were on. Extremely helpful as I kept losing track! 

This resource is what every time-poor home educator needs to present the unfolding of history in a visually engaging way.

Lisa Mah

My family and I love the living book timeline resources! It is an excellent quality resource that fits perfectly with our history studies. My year 1 student enjoys hearing the lessons story, narrating, then sticking the relevant person onto the timeline.
It is something that I would have made myself, so it is exciting to have it already done for me!

Lerissa Schwartz

Our family loves your boards, I wasn't sure at first spending the money to have them printed, but once I saw the kids putting all the photos on and remembering what we have studied over the past year, I knew it was 100% worth it! Thank you for a WONDERFUL product! ,,, I have placed our timelines on the "science fair" tri-fold boards. They are wonderful that way, we only have our kitchen table, so I needed something that could be tucked away when not in use.

Melissa Schweighardt

[I] ordered my sets last week and we LOVE them! I printed the mini timeline cards onto label paper and we’re cutting them out and putting them in our charlotte mason book of centuries as we read through story of the world 2 (Middle Ages) and Our Island Story. For the first time, my girls are able to connect things happening in different countries based on when they happened! Such an amazing 


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