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Welcome to Living Book Timelines. We're so glad you've come to visit us!  


Do you find teaching history with all its different people and events overwhelming? Have you ever considered incorporating timelines, or even maps, properly into history lessons? Would you like to be able to make history "visually alive"?

These questions led us on a journey to create some new resources to help homeschool families and teachers. Watch the video below to see how our Timeline Posters and Cards work, then view the history spines we have currently made Timeline Cards for below:


Browse our range of Timeline Posters and Cards.


Discover who we are and why we've created these resources.


Download a range of samples so you can view before you buy..


I have just downloaded my Timeline Card and Poster Pack and I must say it looks absolutely brilliant!  It is so well done and the notes to go with it are really helpful. I have been putting off making a timeline for quite some time, but really wanted to as know that it will really aid our history studies.  Your timeline has taken all of the stress out of it. I can see that we are going to get so much use from this so just wanted to thank you for creating this brilliant resource. I shall be recommending it to other Charlotte Mason users here in the UK.

Lorraine R

Living Book Timelines has made the biggest difference to our history lessons. We have always read and narrated living books, but I could never shake off the feeling that somehow it was not ‘living’. This year my 7 year old joined my 10 year old, and it all went downhill. There were lots sighs and non-engagement during the readings, and hurried one sentence narrations. Even I came to dread it, because I could never remember the names of the kings or what numbers they were!

The timeline cards for 'Our Island Story" have been a tremendous help, I had always planned to print out the pictures but never did, We did a lesson on the War of the Roses, and the Timeline Cards really engaged my boys, especially as each picture had a red or white rose depicting which side they were on. Extremely helpful as I kept losing track! 

This resource is what every time-poor home educator needs to present the unfolding of history in a visually engaging way.

Lisa Mah

I have been on an obsessive-homeschool-Mom-hunt for the right timeline and aesthetically pleasing timeline figures for the past week. We use, with delight, The Story of the World curriculum. I have been thinking of how we can incorporate a timeline in the next year as my children are getting a bit older. I have found many options online, but the images for the figures are either rigidly wood-cut stylized (in black and white) or cartoonish and silly. My children are very visual and they enjoy art appreciation. I have been asking them their opinion about the various ugly options that I was finding and we all agreed that I would need to make each image by doing a google search and thereby create my own timeline figures. One by one. Uggg. I was willing to do it in order to make their timelines as beautiful as they can, and should be (considering the effort)! I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your website...

I have been searching for timeline figures for days and somehow I ran across your site tonight. I was practically holding my breath - I feel like I need to pinch myself because your figures are all that I would have hoped for MY figures to be, only even better! I cannot believe what a blessing this is! I went crazy and bought several packages. These will all be useful in the future. I want to say THANK YOU and tell you how much I love these images. I cannot wait to show my girls tomorrow at school - they will be so impressed with me. Their timelines will be aesthetically pleasing and a joy to browse through. My eldest (an eight-year-old) has said that these timelines will be heirloom. That's a lot of pressure!!! Many thanks from this homeschool Mom who knows how much energy and love went into this outstanding product! I'm thrilled!

Sabrina Giordano

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