Our Island Story Timeline Cards and Poster Pack

Our Island Story Timeline Cards and Poster Pack


The popular living history spine, 'Our Island Story' by H E Marshall is now part of our Timeline Card range.


This is a digital product which you download and print yourself.


The Timeline Card booklet is 27 pages and formatted for both US Letter and A4 paper sizes. I recommend printing the card sheets and laminating them. Full instructions about printing and using the cards are in the booklet.


The booklet contains instructions how to use the cards, card summary, and 300 timeline cards!


We have done all the hard work for you when it comes to timelines and adding entries. You no longer have to pre-read, reasearch, and work out what to put on your timelines. We have read this history spine chapter-by-chapter and created cards that cover the main persons, events, battles, and inventions.


Each card measures 1.5" x 2" (4 x 5 cm) and fits nicely on our Timeline Posters. This history spine covers the time 3000BC to 1900AD. As it covers a huge range of history, it is not usually read all in one year. 


The following Timeline Posters are needed for this volume:

Ancient Times

Middle Ages


Early Modern



These are all provided in the pack alongside the cards. Full instructions for printing are included.


Make timelines a breeze in your homeschool by using our Timeline Posters and Timeline Cards.

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