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4 Living Books About Communication

Whether it's through words, new languages, stories or signs, your children will be inspired by these books about communicating with one another.

Charles Dickens: Scenes from an Extraordinary Life by Mick Manning and Brita Granström

From Goodreads: Inspired by Charles Dickens’ own words, Mick and Brita Granstrom bring this extraordinary genius to life, revealing Dickens' childhood working in a London boot polish factory and living near the docks in Chatham, and charting his meteoric rise to fame as a young novelist. Follow him as he climbs a volcano, goes on tour to the U.S., presides at a family Christmas, and gives a thrilling public reading. And discover the stories of ten of Dickens' most famous novels, dramatized for younger readers with captions and graphic-novel comic-strips. Key incidents that inspired the later novels are described, including his marriage and family life. What emerges is a touching portrait of a writer with amazing observational skills, a social conscience, and a strong sense of drama.

The Language Of Angels: A Story About the Reinvention of Hebrew by RICHARD MICHELSON

From In 1885, few Jews in Israel used the holy language of their ancestors, and Hebrew was in danger of being lost-until Ben Zion and his father got involved. Through the help of his father and a community of children, Ben modernized the ancient language, creating a lexicon of new, modern words to bring Hebrew back into common usage. Historically influenced dialogue, engaging characters, and colorful art offer a linguistic journey about how language develops and how one person's perseverance can make a real difference. Influenced by illuminated manuscripts, Karla Gudeon's illustrations bring Ben Zion-and the rebirth of Hebrew-to life.

The Fairy Tale Life of Hans Christian Andersen by Eva Moore

From Bookdepository: A biography of the author of such tales as "Thumbelina," "The Ugly Duckling," and "The Princess and the Pea" describes his impoverished boyhood in Denmark, his dreams of becoming an entertainer, and his early career.

Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson

From Goodreads: The bestselling biography of Helen Keller and how, with the commitment and lifelong friendship of Anne Sullivan, she learned to talk, read, and eventually graduate from college with honors.


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